Our History

In 1980, after spending 11 years with the top independent Customs broker and international freight forwarder in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including part of the time in Tulsa, Fred Hall founded Fred Hall & Associates as an Import/Export consulting firm. In response to client demands, in 1983, Fred Hall & Associates, Inc., opened its doors as a full service Customs broker and international freight forwarder.

Fred Hall & Associates, Inc. began with two employees, quickly grew to four, and then continued growing over the next few years. Proudly, we still have the two clients with whom we originally opened our doors in 1983, and they remain as two of our largest and most valued clients. Our growth over the years has been a controlled growth, sometimes declining new business which may detract from our focus on quality service to all clients.
In 1988, we joined with about 15 other Customs brokers and became principle partners in United Shipping, Inc., a worldwide network of privately owned, independent Customs broker and freight forwarders. In doing so, we were able to enhance our transportation services to clients based on volume buying power. Today, United Shipping has over 100 partners, with 250 offices, worldwide. We can handle cargo to or from any location in the world, and do so with confidence because our USI partners are not just a foreign agent whom we never see, but are people we meet with annually at our worldwide meetings.

Our computer system is one of the most sophisticated in today's market, and we are constantly looking to enhance our services to better facilitate what we provide to the clients.